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The tour opens a new model -- a one-day tour of the Shanghai museum of natural history and the world financial center
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After the Spring Festival, new faces joined the company one after another. In order to get new employees to work as soon as possible, the annual team building activity of the company started again.


(Photo 1: group photo outside Shanghai museum of natural history) 

Is different, the increased taking family as the unit to participate in team building activities, opportunities for staff to create a family party, not only can inspire employees participation also can arouse the participation of family members, let family members more understanding and the understanding degree, at the same time also is easier to increase staff member of the family of goodwill and support of the enterprise.

(Photo 2: collection of pictures in Shanghai museum of natural history) 

On April 21, 2019, the first stop will be the Shanghai museum of nature, one of the largest natural museums in China. It will be a comprehensive natural science museum integrating paleontology, botany, zoology, anthropology, geology and other disciplines. In particular, the collection of a series of "dinosaur fossils" let the accompanying children excited. After a simple lunch, he rushed to the 492-meter-high Shanghai world financial center to visit, clocking in 94 floors +97 floors +100 triple floors. When you come to the 100 floors of the building, namely the 474 meters high suspended sightseeing corridor, the feeling of walking in the clouds seems to become a reality. In the 55 meters long suspended sightseeing corridor, there are 3 transparent glass floors. The city under your feet seems to be flowing, which is very shocking.


(Photo 3: group photo on the 100th floor of Shanghai world financial center)