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Protector of Scientific and Technological Innovation in Independent Intellectual Property Protection
Time:2019-04-28 11:21:32  Hits:

Suzhou Easycable Micro Company attaches great importance to the protection of independent intellectual property rights. In recent years, it has continuously increased its investment in independent intellectual property rights. Since its establishment in August 2016, the company has applied for 19 patents, of which 7 have been authorized.


Applications for registration of four trademarks, such as "Onoyi Cable Micro" and "Innovopto", have been accepted by four trademark registration applications.

The company appointed intellectual property officers to attend the training (optoelectronics) course for Jiangsu Province President and Director of Intellectual Property, to learn from the experience, to check for omissions and make up for deficiencies, so as to make the company's intellectual property management to a higher level.