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The first skills competition of the company and the annual meeting of the Chinese New Year in 2019
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In 2018, with the unremitting efforts of all employees, the company has been further developed and expanded. Over the past year, the company has won awards and commendations from talent programs of dake park, changshu city, suzhou city and jiangsu provincial governments at all levels. On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, the first skills competition and the 2019 Chinese New Year annual meeting will be held on January 22, 2019. 

The annual meeting of the New Year brings together all the members of the r&d team in guangzhou and all the members of the team in changshu. The skills competition is held in the r&d and production department. First of all, the general manager of the company made a New Year's speech, reviewed the efforts of colleagues in the company in the past year, and expressed that the new 2019 should continue to come, focus on quality, safety, and climb the career peak. Next, the production supervisor explained the competition rules and matters needing attention. During the explanation, some colleagues were impatient and eager to have a try. 

(Figure 1: production supervisor explaining competition rules)

In the competition, professional projects such as fiber stripping, core installation, fiber winding and component combination were carried out by groups, and non-professional and interesting competitions such as weight estimation and length estimation were also carried out. 

(Figure 2: competition of stripping and installing fiber core and winding component combination, etc.) 

Each individual competition will be scored by the referee. The top three players with high scores will be awarded with certificates of honor and cash rewards.


Finally, in the happy Chinese New Year dinner, end the whole activity.


(Figure 4: annual dinner in 2019)