Optical passive product quality engineer 

Job description 

1. Have rich experience in quality management and ISO9000, master common statistical technology, seven QC tools, master the production of 8D report, and be familiar with process quality control knowledge; Understand RoHS, reach and other quality specification requirements;

2. Understand the manufacturing process, test verification and failure analysis of optical passive components (such as optical fiber array);

3. Participate in product R & D quality verification and provide product quality; Cause analysis of defective products and follow-up of product aging resistance test;

4. Have strong communication and writing skills, and be able to independently prepare product inspection specifications, operation guidelines and control plans (CP);

5. Coach supplier quality management methods to improve supplier quality and quality awareness;

6. Analyze the causes of customer complaints, follow up improvement measures and verify them;

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in optics, optical communication, physics and other related majors;

2. At least two years working experience in the same position, process quality management experience in optical communication industry is preferred;

3. Have strong communication skills, integrity, pragmatism, integrity, strong principle, meticulous work, extensive knowledge, able to support high-intensity work pressure, specific team spirit and cooperation spirit;


Duty station