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Normal Fiber array (FA)
Fiber array (FA) is an array formed by using V-groove substrate to install a bundle of optical fibers or an optical fiber band on the substrate at specified intervals. Optical fiber array mainly includes substrate, pressing plate and optical fiber. The V-groove needs to use a special cutting process to achieve accurate optical fiber positioning. The exposed optical fiber part without optical fiber coating is placed in the V-groove, pressurized by the pressurizer component and fixed with adhesive, and the end face is optically ground to finally form an optical fiber array.
High reliability
Small size
Planar optical waveguide
Arrayed waveguide grating
Active / passive array optical fiber devices
Multichannel optical module
2 to 64 channels
Item Parameter index
Channels 2 4 8 16 32 64 Customized
Detail size spec Detail spec Detail spec Detail spec Detail spec Detail spec Detail spec
Core spacing(μm) 127, 250 or Customized
Grinding end face(°) 82 ± 0.2 or Customized
Fiber type G657A1、G657A2、muilt mode or Customized
Optical fiber length(m) 0.7m、1.2m、2.0m or Customized
Limit size and length of FA customized array substrate:
Length: 3mm Width: 1.5mm Thickness: 1mm