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Optical process engineer 

Job description 

1. Product design and test verification of optical passive components (such as optical fiber array); 

2. Cleaning process validation, glue performance analysis, failure analysis. Solve the abnormalities such as shadow, bubble, black spot and impurity;

3. Development of integrated silicon photonic chip post process: end grinding, substrate thinning, dicing, etc;

4. Integrated silicon photonic chip testing and packaging: fiber (array) coupling testing and packaging; 

5. Reliability verification and process optimization and improvement: cause analysis of defective products and follow-up of product aging resistance test;

6. Development and tracking of new products and processes;

7. Assist in production management, confirm orders, process, training and management of relevant operators; 

8. Process preparation of production line.

Job requirements 

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in optics, optical communication, physics and other related majors;

2. Familiar with the use of optical related instruments and the operation of optical passive device manufacturing equipment;

3. Strong hands-on ability, strong sense of teamwork, good professional ethics, aggressive work spirit and pressure resistance, good at developing new products;

4. Able to adapt to certain business trips (Hangzhou, Guangzhou);

5. Good English, can drive.

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