(Junior Senior) silicon optical chip design engineer (2-3)

Job responsibilities

1. Undertake the design and development of silicon-based optoelectronic chips, perform the design and Simulation of silicon photonic technology projects, and participate in the whole process of chip development.

2. Design and performance optimization of silicon optical passive optical devices, including but not limited to vertical coupling grating, end coupling structure and wavelength division WDM structure;

3. Design of high-speed electro-optic modulator;

4. Design the test structure of silicon-based optoelectronic devices and assist the test engineer to complete the corresponding test scheme design and data analysis;

5. Assist optical engineers to complete the optical design of silicon optical device packaging;

6. Responsible for the research of silicon optical chip technology at home and abroad, communicate with flow chip manufacturers to match the chip design and process, and realize outsourcing processing.

Job requirements

1. It has the theoretical basis of optical waveguide theory, semiconductor physics, silicon-based optoelectronics and so on;

2. Experience in silicon-based optoelectronic integrated chip design and testing, and successfully developed silicon-based optical waveguide functional devices. Experience in high-speed silicon-based optical modulator design is preferred;

3. Deep understanding of silicon on insulator (SOI) optoelectronic platform, familiar with COMS based silicon optical OEM process flow and design specifications, and device design experience in optical coupling, polarization control or multiplexing / demultiplexing is preferred;

4. Familiar with electro-optic modulator designer is preferred;

5. Familiar with silicon nitride sin platform designer is preferred;

6. Good English reading, writing and communication skills, good communication skills and teamwork skills.

7. Junior position: Master degree, more than two years working experience; Or doctor or above;

8. Senior position: Master degree, more than five years working experience; Or doctoral degree with more than three years of working experience.


Suzhou Industrial Park or Guangzhou University Town;


1. Junior Designer: monthly salary 10k-15k; Excellent people have stock options;

2. Senior Designer: face to face; Annual salary + stock options.

3. Overseas training opportunities.